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Commercial Vans Australia


Commercial Delivery Vans Australia

Commercial delivery Vans are unique to the user,most van owners have usability as their number one priority when choosing a delivery van.

The delivery van has for decades been the domain of Japanese manufacturers but the swing is now towards European  brands,  usually for commercial use.VW Combi

Size, comfort and basic usability is important  for commercial van owners. For fleet owners price and value for money heads the list.

The history of commercial delivery vans have gone well before the current  makes and models.

The eighties and nineties where dominated with Toyota and Nissan vans. Models like the Hi Ace, lite Ace in Toyota vans and in Nissan  the E20 LWB was popular prior to that Ford dominated with the Ford Transit and VW combi a 60s &70’s icon for van users. Bedford van The fifties and sixties had the likes of Bedford vans and British makes.

This era too right through to the eighties  saw the humble car van cross boom with the panel van. Manufacturers of these vans developed a whole new youth market  and aimed the commercial panel van to wards the independent lifestyles of the youth of the day. Vans like the Valiant denim machine, the Holden Sandman became the  jewel in the crown of vans to have.

Alas that part of life has gone and now the commercial delivery van is just that. A van to deliver goods in.Valiant denim machine van

Practical comfortable and designed to give maximum use  for minimal expenditure.

Hope this site on  delivery vans helps in your choice.

Colin Jones



Latest News


Volkswagen Commercial sales worldwide has risen by 13.2 % to 216,133 units . Never before has Volkswagen sold  as many commercial vehicles and this was achieved  in the first five months of 2008. Main sales were western Europe up 10%, with sales  of 124,091 units. Eastern Europe although numbers were much smaller achieved a rise of 33% selling 20,152 units. In this market the sales were driven by the Transporter but growth  came from the Caddy and the Crafter.


2013 Toyota Pro Ace . Toyota now a player in the large commercial van market

Commercial Vans of the Future


New technologies are taking place now especially in the development of commercial Vans. For business owners  fuel cost, down time and reliability costs are the utmost importance  with goods carry vehicles.

Electric, Hybrid and lithium ion alternative fuel vans will be what manufacturers world wide will be aiming to lead the sales battles .

Nissan NV2000 Hybrid Concept Van

Crash Test Mercedes Vito


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