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Volkswagen Caddy Mini Van


Volkswagen Caddy Mini Van


Mini vans have been around for many years but with the improvement of design and driver safety The Volkswagen caddy shows its colours..

The Caddy is available in two engine types with two models the van and the maxi caddy van.

Engine power in the petrol is 75kw@ 5600 rpm , the diesel 77 kw @ 3500 rpm. Torque 148 Nm @ 3800 rpm petrol and 250Nm @ 1900 rpm diesel.


Volkswagen Caddy commercial vanIf Automatic transmission is what you require only the diesels will offer this option with the 5 speed  manual. Service intervals are 15000 kms and the factory warranty is 3 yrs 100,000 km.

Compared to some of the other mini vans the caddy in price is slightly higher, starting from $21990 P-$25990 D Van  to the Maxi $24740 p-$28740 D.

By the way both vans are similar but the wheel base is longer on the maxi. Payload too is 60KG better at 810 kg for the maxi .

The van is 3.2 Cu m and the maxi larger at 4.2 Cu m.

This is what the Germans are doing with the Volkswagen caddy called the Tramper.

Loading the smart way, great idea

Both types have as engines the petrol 1.6 or  the diesel 1.9l.

The main point to a mini van is its manoeuvrability mainly in city locations, and comfort Now  these delivery vans are ready to take on the commercial vehicle world. European sales  are skyrocketing  and now as a consumer there is more to choose from.


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